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Wooden Tooth Special

This is our signature dry apple cider. It is crisp, light and dry.
6.9% ABV • 12oz Can

Hopped Apple

Dry apple cider, hopped with cascade & citra hops. Floral, tropical, dry.
6.9% ABV • 12oz Can

Lot 19

Each year our apples sourced from Five Mile Orchards, Luz del Valle, and Ottsonville contribute to our Lot series, giving you a refreshing cider with notes that are mildly sweet, crisp, light and fruity. Ziveli!
6.9% ABV • 12oz Can

Lot 18

2018 apple harvest of all Pajaro valley apples. Crisp, light and fruity.
6.9% ABV • 500ml Bottle

New Town Pippin

100% New Town Pippin apples from the Pajaro valley. Balanced, light tannin, dry.
6.9% ABV • 500ml Bottle

Gravenstein 18

100% Gravenstein apples from 2018 apple harvest. Bright and smooth with a higher acidity.
6.9% ABV • 500ml Bottle

Barrel Aged Gravenstein

2016 100% Gravenstein apples aged in red wine barrels for 18 months. Strong tannin, smooth and dry.
6.9% ABV • 22oz Bottle

Sparkling Rose

Made in the traditional Champagne method. Sparkling cider with petit verdo added for color and a slight residual sweetness with a berry-like finish.
7.5% ABV • 750ml Bottle

Sparkling Cuvee

Sparkling cider made in the traditional Champagne method. Delicate, crisp and floral. All Pajaro Valley apples.
7.5% ABV • 750ml Bottle